Coronary angioplasty, also called percutaneous coronary intervention, may be a procedure used to open clogged heart arteries. Angioplasty uses a small balloon catheter that is inserted in a blocked blood vessel to help widen it and improve blood flow to the heart.

Angioplasty is usually combined with the placement of a small wire mesh tube called a stent. The stent helps prop the artery open, decreasing its chance of narrowing again. Angioplasty specialist in Suchitra provides you angioplasty treatment. Most stents are coated with medication to assist keep the artery open (drug-eluting stents). Rarely, bare-metal stents are used.

Angioplasty treatment can reduce symptoms of blocked arteries, like chest pain and shortness of breath. Angioplasty is additionally often used during a heart attack to quickly open a blocked artery and reduce the amount of damage to the heart.

SS Heartcare has angioplasty specialist doctor provides best balloon angioplasty treatment in Suchitra, Quthbullapur, Kompally and Hyderabad.

Balloon angioplasty treatment in kompally is a relatively common procedure and is often used to treat coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, and other conditions that can cause blockages in the arteries. It is typically considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, meaning that it does not require open surgery and typically involves less pain, scarring, and recovery time com pared to more invasive procedures at Best cardiologist surgeon in suchitra.


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